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Yoga & Mobility

Yoga is for everyone! The benefits are endless. 

You are never too old, too inflexible or too ‘broken’ to do yoga. It helps to increase your strength, mobility, core stability and endurance in everyday life and your training.


Yoga allows you to get a balance on your training, and your mental wellbeing. It gives you a chance to stretch your body and your mind, and to take a bit of downtime to relax those sore muscles.


I run group yoga classes, online classes and I offer 1-2-1 mobility sessions to give you the guidance to increase mobility where you need it most. 

I offer Online Virtual Yoga through a private Facebook group.


There are 3 LIVE classes a week, but they are available to redo over and over again whenever suits you. The majority of my participants do it to suit them on catch up rather than LIVE anyway!

It costs £5 per week membership for 3 live yoga classes a week. 

Evoloution-Fitness Yoga

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