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Gold Nutrition Package

  • Lifestyle assessment: Health questionnaire lifestyle 

  • 1-2-1 consultation call:  We will discuss the creation of your personalised plan and set clear goals


  • Nutritional analysis: A full breakdown of your plan and what this means to living an everyday realistic lifestyle 


  • Facebook community access: Regular posts about nutrition, recipe ideas, advice and encouragement from other members​


  • Weekly recipe ideas: Each week we will offer recipe ideas for easy to cook meals featuring your favourite foods and ideas for easy to prepare snacks

  • Personalised nutrition plan: A 12 week nutrition plan, specific to your analysis, to allow you to work towards your goals in bitesize easy to manage steps


  • Tailored meal planning:  From mix and match plans to prescriptive plans - offering the right level of support to make the meal planning process simple for YOU


  • Weekly accountability and progress call: Every week after submitting your progress to us, you will be invited to receive an accountability coaching call, where we will delve deep into your weekly results, discuss challenges and review your ongoing progress


  • Ongoing support: On hand messaging service via WhatsApp with advice and help to keep you accountable to your plan 


  • Food diary analysis: Using food diaries we will be keeping an eye on your daily intake  and analysing your dietary habits to make adjustments where required. 

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Gold Maintenance

If you are still undecided or wish to ask any additional questions please contact me or click the chat icon.

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