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Online Nutrition Packages

I have a very strong love for food, and believe that your nutrition doesn’t have to be restrictive to achieve manageable and sustainable results. 


After many years of working with clients on their physical fitness it became apparent that there were a lot of clients who automatically reached for the fad diet or the quick fix when it comes to weight loss, or used their training as a punishment for their diet and ended up not fuelling their bodies correctly for the long term. 


In 2018 I received my Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management and developed my nutrition coaching programme to work with clients on their nutritional fitness.  


I offer a flexible, balanced and realistic approach to weight loss, allowing you to eat real food, without feeling hungry or cutting out food groups. The goal ultimately is for you to be able to understand and manage your own nutrition so that moving forwards you will be in a position to control your diet and fuel your body in the right way, whatever your goals.

All my packages are managed online, which means it doesn't matter where in the world you live. I currently have clients based around the UK and regularly stay in touch via email, Facetime and WhatsApp.


Each package is a 12 week minimum commitment* and can be paid in monthly instalments or an upfront quarterly payment. 

*You may require further support to achieve your goals.


If you are still undecided or wish to ask any additional questions please contact me or click the chat icon.

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